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Exploratory Testing

In this course we will learn the basic concepts to achieve an exploratory manual testing.

At the end of this course the student:
- Will understand what Exploratory testing is.
- How and when to run this type of testing.
- How to manage it and show results.
- Will know how to integrate it into the testing process of a project.
- Will be able to use support tools.

This course includes:
- Written material.
- Continuous online assistance.
- Instructional videos.
- Evaluation test.

- Basic computer skills (mail, documents, spreadsheets, etc).
- It is recommended to have basic manual testing knowledge.
- No programming knowledge is required.

Estimated dedication: 30 hours.
Validity of access to content: 30 days.
  • Introduction to exploratory testing
  • Welcome
  • Before starting
  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts
  • Advantages
  • Recommendations
  • Styles of exploratory testing
  • Recreation
  • Session Based Exploratory Testing
  • Planning the mission
  • When executing
  • Learning when conducting the exploratory session
  • Activity 1
  • Example of an executed session
  • Challenge: let's execute our first exploratory session!
  • Best Practices
  • self-management
  • Introduction to Self-management
  • Activity 2
  • Exploratory testing: Activities
  • Exploratory testing: Results and Metric
  • Challenge: True or False Exploratory Testing Activities
  • Test coverage model: Mindmaps
  • Test coverage model: Mindmaps part 2
  • Challenge: exploratory testing using a mind map tool.
  • Planning the work to be done
  • Measuring progress
  • Reporting Progress
  • Challenge - Status report
  • Scripted vs exploratory testing together
  • Scripted vs exploratory testing together
  • Activity 3
  • Recommendations
  • Challenge - qTest Explorer
  • Final Challenge: Summary
  • Final
  • Final
  • Student satisfaction survey
  • Closure
Reglas de finalización
  • Todas las unidades deben ser completadas
  • Otorga un certificado con una duración de: Para siempre